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Why is Eatopia’s Nut Pop the healthiest snack you’ll ever eat?

We from Eatopia, think our Nut Pops are a powerhouse. Why ? You ask, once they explode in your mouth, they fill you up with a whole lot of energy, ample nutrients and leave a sweet lingering taste behind.

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Honey for Sore Throat: Remedies That Actually Work

It is no surprise that honey makes its way to the top shelf in every household. Be it your grandmother, mom, or even kids, honey seems to be a sweet favourite devoured by all. There is also an emotive element linked to honey. The sweet tantalizing taste reminds us of the home remedies our mothers used, to nurse us back to health from an episode of sore throat and cough.

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Let’s Bee-t Aid!
Bless Foundation X Eatopia: CSR Initiative

32 bumbling smiles filled the air when Eatopia’s goodies came knocking at the doors of Papa Reji’s house. Unabound happiness filled the air as these once desolate but now cherished children devoured the best of Eatopia’s finest goodies. Eatopia’s Nut pops, Honey and Honey Jam were the crowd favourites and felt pampered with the variety Eatopia offered.

The Bless Foundation houses 32 immuno-suppressed HIV/AIDS suffering kids who have been adopted by Reji Thomas and his wife, Mini Reji. It had its humble beginnings in 2009 with 4 children, when Papa Reji felt a strong conviction in his heart that no child suffering from HIV/AIDS must be left behind to fend for themselves because they were dealt with a harsh hand of cards. 12 years have passed, 32 kids have been adopted and are supported, educated and medically taken care of by ensuring the best treatment for these kids. 

As part of Eatopia’s Social Responsibility Campaign, focusing on malnutrition among kids  Bless Foundation was one of the NGO Eatopia supported. Our initiatives intended to provide these HIV/AIDS suffering children, who are really prone to malnutrition with nutrient dense food options which will aid to build immunity and help curb malnutrition. Honey is a good immunity booster along with nuts and seeds which are a good source of healthy fats, proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals, along with the goodness of fruits ensures nourishment for these children to need good food for the upkeep of their health.


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