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Our Philosophy

Making a lifestyle choice is not easy, especially when food seems to be the reason why you are feeling healthy. When you really want to stick to your meticulously planned diet, those random cravings just come out of nowhere and you give in because YOLO. There comes the regret and guilt band wagon. If only, this cycle of junk eating could be stopped with a healthier option. If only, there was a brand that creates healthy and delicious snacks and meals that are exciting and will make your life regret-free.


Sounds too good to be true?


Fret not! Eatopia brings you round the clock, healthy, nutritious and mind-blowing meals and snack varieties that will support your busy lifestyle while helping you eat cleaner. Eatopia brings you natural goodies that are superfood enriched so your protein, healthy fats, and fibre intake is taken care of, and gives you maximum energy to get you through your day.


No evil in a single morsel. Eatopia does not compromise the quality of the food. Flavour bombs made in the finest utopian dreams. Our ingredient list has only what it says and nothing else.


Our mission is to create a world of Pure, Healthy, sustainable, fun-sized, delicious and super nutritious packaged foods from Natural Ingredients. No added artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, or any added refined sugars or artificial sweeteners – NO evil at all.
An experience as pure as a harmonious marriage with nature and humankind.


The Brand Eatopia


We imagined a world of food excellence, where only the best ingredients came together in perfect combinations to become packaged superfoods. A Utopian land of food, Eatopia was born.


To give you the infinite exponential goodness from nature, Eatopia is here to play.
So, why wait to play it healthy!


Eatopia, why superfoods?


Good question. Thought you’d never ask.


Superfoods are nutrient powerhouses that provide immense varieties of antioxidants, phytochemicals (chemicals in plants responsible for colours and aroma), vitamins and minerals to your body.


The natural protein, fibre, vitamin and mineral content found in superfoods can help build your immunity keeping you stronger and healthier. These seemingly humble foods, can promote heart health, weight loss, improve energy levels, protect your organs from toxins, help lower cholesterol, regulate metabolism, reduce inflammation and even reduce the effects of ageing.


Including these superfoods in your diet can be tricky, especially on busy days, but eatopia can help you with that. Our products are filled with superfoods. Incorporating eatopia in your diet is one way you can say thank you to your body for taking care of it.
And your body will thank you back with stronger immunity.

To know more about superfoods visit our Superfoods page.

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Mcgill foods branched out as a FMCG arm of Macworld, a Malaysian-based B2B company. The sole purpose of framing a new identity as Mcgill Foods was to disrupt the Indian market with a range of clean and healthy food products. Thus, was born ‘Eatopia’- the brainchild of Mcgill with a vision to bring forth healthy foods with a purpose.


We are a young brand with expertise that spans decades in the FMCG domain. Understanding the lacuna of healthy foods in the Indian market was our biggest motivation. Through Eatopia, we wanted to channel a healthy food lifestyle, one which does not compromise on taste and offers superlative health at the same time. The importance of healthy eating is deeply embedded in our ethos and we work relentlessly to have a clean label, use the goodness of natural ingredients, and no additives. Our products are innovative, playful, and with an element of health at their core. We are here to make healthy food a reality without compromising the deliciousness because we confidently practise what we preach.

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Our Mission

No added artificial flavour, color, artificial preservatives, refined sugar.

Purity, experience and taste of the food will be ensured in every step.

To make food a fun experience.

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Our Recipes

Wholesome, delicious, all-natural goodness of 100% pure honey from Eatopia Forest Flower Honey went into this honey chicken which is that perfect balance of sweet & savoury. The recipe for this finger-licking chicken follows below.


This Honey Soy Garlic Sauce is made using Eatopia Forest Flower Honey. Homemade sauces are always better than the packed ones and when made with the finest ingredients are the best. This easy peasy and yet so flavourful sauce made with Eatopia's Honey is a big hit in the house. This sauce can be used for grilling, marinating or even as a salad dressing.


Sugar cravings are indeed the worst. And when Summers have arrived with some pulpy mangoes and sweet Chikoo why not make a healthy nice cream with absolutely no sugar. Here comes a recipe from that is sure to blow your mind.


I am sure most of us get sudden sugar cravings & often indulge in cakes, pastries, cookies, chocolates etc. Be it the late-night munching or a 15 mins break, the hands always lookout for something sweet. Isn’t it? These days post-Iftaar, my heart longs for a sugar rush. Hence to satisfy my cravings I made this scrumptious honey cake that can be consumed guilt-free. Made with the goodness of 100% pure, natural, & premium quality Tulsi honey from Eatopia that has a unique essence, this sponge cake was an instant hit at home.

Just a few basic ingredients like eggs, flour, milk, honey & vanilla essence: the sweetness and aroma will surely fill your home & soul with happiness & joy. Find the recipe for this scrumptious cake below.


Summer’s unforgiving heat can be forgiving with an extraordinary lemonade that is not only cool and refreshing but the sweetness of Eatopia Honey will make you want to make a huge batch of this unique drink to beat the heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Honey is a sweet fluid produced by honeybees from the nectar of flowers. Worker honeybees transform the nectar that they gather into raw honey by adding enzymes to the nectar and reducing the moisture.

Eatopia Honey is a combination of:

  • (80%) Natural sugars (Fructose & Glucose)
  • (18-19%) water
  • (1-2%) minerals, vitamins and protein

Eatopia pure honey doesn’t have any additives like preservatives or sugar.

Crystallization is a natural process that occurs in natural, pure honey by which the glucose in honey precipitates out of the liquid honey. Crystallised honey is still good to use. If your honey crystallizes, simply place the honey jar in warm water and stir until the crystals dissolve; Be careful not to boil or scorch the honey. Crystallization is not a sign of adulteration or spoilage.

No. Eatopia Honey does not contain added sugars, such as cane sugar, rice syrup, sugar beet syrup, corn syrup, or other sweetening additives.
We employ best global practices through all supply chain stages and produce high-quality products through our rigorous and diligent approach. In addition to quality systems set by FSSAI, Eatopia has its own advanced, independently audited, quality control systems.
Eatopia Honey is committed to ensuring the highest quality of honey from the earliest stages of production. This ensures our natural honey remains 100% pure, safe and nutritious for our consumers. We have multiple certifications, including an NMR analysis report to prove that Eatopia honey is 100% pure.

Eatopia’s range of honey includes natural forest honey, wild honey, karanj honey, stingless bee honey/little bee honey/small bee honey, raw honey, litchi honey, tulsi honey and mountain honey.

Honey is naturally free of gluten. It does not contain wheat or its by-products. Our honey is 100% pure and natural, nothing has been added to it, therefore it is 100% gluten-free. In addition to this, no gluten-containing products are handled or stored in our packing facilities.

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