Strawberry Honey Jam

Strawberry Honey Jam


Jam that’s healthy, with just the right amount of nostalgia, and filled with lots of love.
Sweet memories come alive with just a bite of our strawberry honey jam, when your mornings were complete with toasted bread and jam. The taste is out of this world with no guilt about the well-known evil- sugar! This is because our strawberry honey jam is filled with the goodness of honey and no refined sugar at all. We proudly call it the sugar-free jam. If that’s not enough, our product has only real strawberry pulp & pieces, wildflower honey, and pectin. Isn’t it too good to be true?
Use it like a fruit spread over bread or chapati, stir some in your overnight oats, smear some on your desserts or brighten any dish that calls for a punch of sweetness.


100% Real Fruit & Pure Honey

No added sugar

No added preservatives, additives, flavours or colour


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Benefits of Strawberry Honey Jam

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Irresistible Taste

The delicate sweetness of honey married with the punch of strawberries gives you a taste of heaven on a plate. Spread over bread, stir into oats, add a dollop on a muffin, or just lick away- the taste is hard to replace.


100% Real Fruit

It is about being real. Our product is made with the finest ingredients, full of premium quality strawberries. With every bite of this goodness, you will experience the texture of real fruit making you go yum yum yum.


No Artificial Color or Flavor

Our honey jams are vibrant in their appearance and delicious in their flavor- naturally! The real fruits add to the attractive intense color while the combination with honey makes you crave more and more.


No Sugar. Just Honey

A jam without sugar, isn’t it close to a miracle? Well, we are super proud to curate this sugar free honey jam that has 0 refined sugar whatsoever. Our jams get their intense sweetness from pure honey making it a healthier option to spread, lick, or stir.


Zero Preservatives

Preservatives are not our thing except preserving the nostalgic memories for you. Our jams have earned the title of being 100% preservative-free and live up to it.


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Customer Reviews
What our customers have to say about us and our products

Aarti Gupta

I used the Forest Flower honey & Tulsi honey all Jan and Feb and so far no one in the family has a cough or cold!!


Rishi Sharma

I bought the Little Bee honey and want you to know it is the best honey I have ever tasted. My parents instilled in us the many benefits of honey and I have tasted honey from all over the world, this is easily one of the best!!


Swapna Menon

My little one is a fussy eater and I am always on the lookout for good nutritious food for her. She adores the Little Bee honey and gobbles it with pancakes, muesli even curd. And Im pleased I found something that she loves to eat which is so nutritious for her.


Himanny Arora

Like this product a lot due to its tangy and sweet honey. Its fragrance is real with golden colour of the honey. I really like how it tastes with my bitter ayurvedic meds. I also use it to apply face mask and its perfectly thick.



I've been using this honey from the past few days. It tastes more rich and original than the normal honey we get in the market. The quality is really good too. Would definitely recommend.

Nature’s most precious for your little bee.

Just the right balance of flavours to be finger licking good for kids, this honey is a super power immunity booster for your little one

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